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Cosmetic Consultation

Exceptional Service – Every Patient, Every Time

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Cosmetic Consultation

Exceptional Service – Every Patient, Every Time

Westerville Dermatology

The Cosmetic Consultation at Westerville Dermatology Laser & Rejuvenation Center

We are pleased and honored to have the opportunity to meet you and discuss your cosmetic concerns with you. Our goals are engagement in the process by listening and understanding your desires and needs, facilitate discussion of the what is truly happening under the skin in terms of the aging process, and a plan to accomplish your goals.

We welcome your questions and input and strive to help you make the best decision with respect to costs/benefits.

We understand the science of aging especially of the head and neck, the anatomy, and the intricacies of how the skin and underlying structures interact in health, aging and disease.

Your treatments will be highly customized to your personal goals, needs and budget. We hope to educate you to the best practices and best products to help you meet your needs and goals.. We offer many minimally noninvasive treatments that complement each other to give you best possible results. Keep in mind, we do not perform face, neck or eyebrow lifts.

In general, our philosophy is to restore/lift not remove, add volume and shape, and rejuvenate your skin so you look naturally the ‘best you.’

As a new patient, please fill out our cosmetic questionnaire and patient forms on our patient portal. You will need a security code to do so. To receive a personalized code, please call our office at 614-895-0400 ext. 100. Should you not wish to fill these forms out before your appointment, you should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to complete a patient profile.

The Day of your Procedure

What to Expect

We suggest you don’t wear makeup (please bring your products with you to apply post consultation if you wish), bring a photo or two of yourself when you think you look your best and allow up to an hour for your appointment. We suggest you review Get Started from for patients interested in any dermal fillers to help facilitate discussion and make the most of your time.

Initially, you will meet with our cosmetic coordinator to review your data, create an electronic chart and perform a 3-D photo using the Vectra 1. (Canfield/Vectra imaging system)

Afterwards, you and your physician will review your Vectra images, and strategize the treatment process. A written copy of your consultation may be printed or emailed to you.

As a follow through, our cosmetic coordinator will call you within a few days. Your physician is always available as well. We look forward to meeting you!

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Have questions or concerns? Please call us at (740) 446-7623.

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